Tongerlo Nox – Brouwerij Haacht

Tongerlo Nox
Tongerlo Nox

My Notes…

  • Creamy white head
  • Dark brown color – slightly transparent (viewed in sunlight)
  • Full body
  • Very prominent banana smell and  taste, a touch of vanilla( minimal) and a chocolate aftertaste.
  • My rating : 3.25 ( untappd)

Some numbers and Facts…

  • Style: Brown Ale
  • Alcohol%: 6,5%
  • Fermentation: High
  • Color: Brown ( EBC 35-39)
  • Info: Nox means night in Latin

What the brewer is saying…

“An initial sweet and full aroma is followed by a sweetish main taste with notes of vanilla and cooked banana. The aftertaste is characterised by a burnt, bitterness with a hint of chocolate icing.”
Read all info on the brewery’s website

Tongerlo_NOX official picture
Tongerlo NOX official picture

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