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Since 1984 I have been a fan of Belgian beer and especially Gueuze. That was long before Belgian beer and craft beers became popular.

Biersmaken Zakboekje 1984/85
Biersmaken Zakboekje 1984/85

In those days I used pencil and paper and the little biertasting book “Biersmaken zakboekje” written by  Peter Crombecq ( editie-on 84/85 !!) . But using a non-digital notetaking method, which didn’t exist at that time, a lot of my notes got lost,

Looking for a new method to keep track and remember my beer tasting adventures I decided to “be modern” and use a blog. Not because I want to be the next self-declared beer-guru ( on the contrary!) but to have my notes available for myself, as a reference and because it is easy to update. If anyone else also finds it useful, I am happy to have been of service.

I will refer if possible – and always with link or reference – to other sources if their notes or story adds value to the story.

I love beer in general and I there is seldom a beer I really don’t like although I have a slight preference for Geuze, Lambik, Trappist and dark beer ( Stout and Porter).

It goes without saying that beer tasting is subjective and depends on your personal preference. So if I write that I don’t like a beer, it doesn’t necessarily mean the beer isn’t good, it just does not match my “beerprofile”.

When I taste beer at home, you can probably find me in my “oversized garden shed” where I decorated my Belgian Style Café in 1930-ties style.

Mijn cafeetje in de tuin – “Stock 5”

You can conntact me to discuss about beer, give your beer-opinion, share beernews or events….
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